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Use and care instruction cookware

kochstar by Merten & Storck



Cookware Made in Germany

Congratulations on the purchase of high quality cookware.
When handled properly they will give you years of satisfactory service.

Instruction for use and maintenance

Before use clean with hot water. Rinse and dry off thoroughly. Use the highest cooking level for browning only. Then turn the heat down to medium or low. When stewing, after it has been browned, use lowest cooking level.
To prevent sticking add a small amount of spray oil, margarine or butter to the cold pan, head on low to medium temperature for 1 - 2 minutes before adding food.
More oil may be required when using bottled oil. Make sure to reduce heat if fat/ oils smoke.
Only cookware with metal handles can used in oven. Handles made from other materials are only partially heat resistant. When using cookware on a gas stove make sure that the flame does not reach beyond base of cookware. Do not place frozen items in a dry, pre-heated pot. Always put liquid in the pot first before pre-heating. Never overheat pots (for example empty pots) and leave them unattended during cooking. Liquid in pot should never evaporate completely as this can result in damaging the cookware or the stove. Pots and pans are very easy to clean when soak pot in water with some cleanser while the cookware is still hot. Do not scratch off residue which is stuck onto the pot but rather soak the cookware in water immediately after use. Products with Keramico¬ģ coating are scratch proof and non-abrasive. Anyhow we do not recommend to use abrasive side of spongers as well as wire brushes (hard corundium.) Please avoid pounding hard edged metal kitchen utensils on drip free pouring rim as it can result in damaging the rim. We recommend the use of wooden or plastic kitchen utensils. Discolouring, water spots and patches of chalk are not a cause of complaint and can be removed by cleaning with liquid cleanser or with vinegar water.

For damages which occur as a result of misuse or not observing product Information is no right of recourse.